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Protecting Your Natural Hair from Sun

Once the warm weather arrives, many people tend to protect their skin from sun exposure and overlook the need to protect hair against sun rays. The direct UV and heat exposure causes natural hair oils to evaporate, stripping your hair of moisture. This can lead to brittle, dry, and damaged hair. With the right approach, you can protect your hair from the sun and maintain healthy hair throughout the warm season. Here are some of the ways to protect your hair from the sun.

1. Moisturize Your Hair

While you should frequently add moisture to your hair, doing so during summer is extremely essential. The heat and direct sun exposure tend to take away moisture from your hair. Ensure you use a moisturizer (Moisturizing Hair Pudding) or a leave-in conditioner daily (10 in 1 Mane Revitalizer Daily Moisturizing Conditioner Spray). You can also use the LOC (liquid, oil cream) method to prevent the hair from becoming dry during the day. (Revive & Retain Trio Haircare System)

2. Cover Your Hair

Another way you can protect your hair from the sun is accessorizing. If you will be outside for an extended period of time in the sun, you can wear a hat, scarves, or a headwrap. Ensure your choice of accessories will not do more damage than good to your hair. Avoid using cotton fabrics that cause friction leading to breakage. Instead, wear silk or satin-based accessories.

3. Use Sun Protectant Products

Paying close attention to the products you add to your during the hot season is important. Apply a UV leave-in spray to protect your hair and scalp. Find products with ingredients like carrot oil, avocado oil or vitamin E as they act as a shield against sun damage. Mane Like Me Haircare Products contain several natural oils noted for SPF sun protection. For instance, The INTENSIVE Conditioning Treatment contains 5 out 7 of these natural oils (mentioned below in image) and the Moisturizing Hair Pudding has 6 out of 7 ...YES, YES these are AMAZING for sun protection!

4. Condition Your Hair More

Conditioning and deep conditioning your hair throughout the warm season is the best way to keep your hair hydrated. Condition your hair in between your weekly wash routine, and deep condition every two weeks to rejuvenate any lost moisture. (Refreshing & Moisturizing Conditioner)

5. Wear A Protective Style

Protective styles provide a great solution to protecting your hair from the sun. Wearing protective hairstyles such as braids, wigs, twists or buns can help reduce the stress that a hot environment can cause your hair.

Moisture tends to escape quicker from hair that is considered out/down/loose versus hair that is twisted/braided/in updo/covered/tucked away...etc.

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