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Our Founder

As a young girl being referred to a "chicken-head" by peers rattled her self-esteemQuecina only wished to have healthy growing hair but like many other black girls in her community that dream just didn't become true until several years later as an adult once she discovered what it took to sustain thick, long beautiful hair.


With the right selection, mixture of ingredients and methods her hair grow rather quickly -- reaching waist length hair within just 3 years in her natural hair journey and by year 5 tailbone length. This was quite surprising to her! Many that knew of her hair history were just as shocked as the everyday strangers to see such results. All wanted to know her secret to healthy hair growth.

Therefore, being the educator that she is she felt obligated to help those that struggled with hair care and hair growth as she once did. She started hair pages on both Facebook and Instagram. There... she inspired, informed, and advised about hair. Later introducing her Mane Like Me® Hair Care Products --which derived from and are inspired by her homemade recipes/beloved ingredients that she privately use(d) on her hair and family members.


Today, Quecina continues to build her brand, Mane Like Me® Hair Care Products currently serving several thousands nationwide with healthy hair products-- that have proven to fix common hair issues. We love that she continues to evolve...utilizing her acquired knowledge and skills to keep creating better quality hair care products to meet our hair needs.


She credits her faith, loved ones, Mane Like Me family & friends for propelling her to reach goals

She's truly blessed and gives God all the Glory for the things he has done, doing, and will do!

Hair Care Products
Quecina's Hair Journey... 
Hair Care Products

It gets longer and fuller each year.

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