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Get “Supreme Moisture” with this Trio Haircare System that maximizes moisture retention—layering of these products along the hair shaft helps prevent water from being evaporated and lost to the atmosphere—keeping hair moisturized longer. L.C.O/L.O.C Method


•The MLM 10 in 1 Mane Revitalizer represents the “L” for leave-in or liquid ... the moisture that will be sealed in. It is a moisturizing, water-based daily leave-in conditioner infused with multiple botanical herbs, essential oils and moisturizing conditioners —that penetrates the hair shaft maximizing softness amongst other benefits.


•The “C” is for creamy moisturizer—which seals in that moisture. The MLM Moisturizing Hair Pudding (cream) is also fortified with hydrating natural ingredients like avocado, shea butter, aloe, carrot oil, nettle, vitamin E and more that are known to moisturize & strength hair to increase manageability, define curls, minimize shedding and hair breakage (retains length).


•The “O” is for oil. Apply a thin layer of MLM Hair & Scalp oil (if needed) to support locking in moisture.


•LCO/LOC Method works extremely well for those with regular to high porosity hair. Those with low porosity hair may use as well... however don’t use too much to avoid weighing down hair with products. See The “How to Use Our Haircare Products” Page for more information.

•Go to individual products’ page for details regarding ingredients, Instructions, ounces etc...

Revive & Retain “Trio” Haircare System

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