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Cooler Weather...Shield Your Hair & Scalp

Increase the Moisture and Use These Resourceful Tips to Ward Off Itchiness and Dryness That This Weather Brings.

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Mane Like Me Tips...

1. Use A Milder Shampoo. If you're not already using sulfate-free shampoo, then you may want to make the switch during the colder months. Consider using our Refreshing & Moisturizing Shampoo —which will clean your hair well without stripping it of its natural oils...those oils you need for your hair to combat dryness/breakage...

2. Wash Your Hair Less Often. For instance, if you typically wash your hair weekly (with shampoo & conditioner) try bi-weekly. In between those washes opt for co-washing (using a cleansing conditioner...) instead. Our Refreshing & Moisturizing Conditioner has ingredients/properties of a cleansing conditioner and can be used.

3. Pre-Poo Before You Wash Your Hair. Use a natural oil that will penetrate the hair cuticle and notably lessen damage at the cuticle layer. Coconut oil, Olive oil and a few other oils can, they can keep the hair from widening much when wet according to experts. (See Journal of Cosmetic Science. Source) Our Hair & Scalp Oil does indeed contain these penetrating oils and can be used as a pre-poo oil.

Quick Tip: Some people even enjoy using the rinse out conditioner before shampooing—which is noted by some experts to hold more moisture.

4. Deep Condition or use a Hair Mask... Try a our "quickie deep treatment" by leaving on our Refreshing & Moisturizing Conditioner for about 30 minutes covered with a plastic bag wrapped with a warm, damp towel on top. Or use a hooded dryer for 15-20 mins for the heat therapy instead. If you don't want quick and need something INTENSE then TRY OUR INTENSIVE CONDITIONING TREATMENT Oh my, those conditioning and strengthening ingredients will go deeper into the hair shaft.

5. Moisturize, Seal & Trim... During the week, use Quecina’s “Look and Feel” method. Look and Feel to see the condition of your hair and scalp every couple of days. Is hair soft/ moisturized?...Is scalp flaking/itching?... Does hair feel dry?...Are strands easy to break? If so, take immediate action to fix and/or prevent problem(s). Do not wait! Depending on hair’s status, from daily to every couple of days or so, lightly oil the scalp for nourishment (Use our Hair & Scalp Oil and/or 10 in 1 Mane Revitalizer Spray to provide herbal therapy and conditioning that the scalp needs). Use a water based cream and hair oil to add moisture and prevent it from escaping hair quickly (Use our Revive & Retain Duo Haircare System—which is our Moisturizing Hair Pudding and Hair & Scalp Oil). If you like or need a heavier oil apply castor oil after using the pudding instead. Finally last but not least, trim ends when needed. This step is avoided by many but is necessary for maintaining healthy hair. Assess the ends every few weeks or month to month (as you prefer... but notice them sooner rather than later as a means to prevent damage). Trim when they are split/shabby/knotted.

6. Opt for styles that protect hair and help hold moisture longer... Simplistic updos, twists/braids, head-wraps/scarves, a wig (wear without damaging your edges, no glue and no tape... you should be able to remove wig for proper daily hair care), and/or wear a hat with silk lining or silk cap and even roller sets (use Our Revive & Retain “Ultimate” Haircare System to prep ...allow roller set to air dry is a healthier hair option)...

Enjoy the season and these tips! We pray that they will help you with your hair care.

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