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How to Use Mane Like Me Moisturizing Hair Pudding and Hair & Scalp Oil


(On an average many wash natural hair once a week or bi-weekly... it varies)


-First, shampoo and condition hair with Mane Like Me's Refreshing & Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner  (see below how to use instructions)


IMPORTANT: Before using this Pudding please section your hair into 4 to 6 sections (Using sections helps with managing hair.... from distributing products thoroughly to detangling and styling hair) Next, apply hair cream on wet hair from ends up to roots for each section. Be gentle but make sure the cream has been thoroughly distributed by fingering it/ combing/brushing throughout the section (use a wide-toothed comb and/or a paddle brush to prevent premature shedding or any further hair breakage if hair is currently weak).


If you have low porosity hair while the MLM Pudding is on your hair it’s a good idea to cover with a plastic cap/bag to be sure that it’s getting properly moisturized.

(FYI: Low porosity somewhat doesn’t absorb moisture well while high porosity absorbs too quickly... visit here for more info


Then, style hair as desired. Preferably use a low manipulation/ protective style that will allow you to use the cream throughout the week (ex: bun, plaits under a wig that doesn’t damage edges, twists, an easy updo etc... A style that's easy for you to take-down and fix back after applying cream that won’t hinder healthy hair). If your hair is currently weak and you’re  experiencing breakage use cream daily and seal ends with a bit of the MLM hair & scalp oil if needed (those with high porosity hair sealing  with medium to heavy oil helps lock in moisture)...


How to Use Hair & Scalp Oil:


-Yes just mentioned, few drops of MLM hair & scalp oil applied on the ends up to the roots after evenly distributing cream makes hair feel even more softer, manageable, and enhances shine.

-Afterwards, put some drops of oil directly to scalp in various locations around head and massage well for 5 mins. Do this every day to stimulate hair follicles for hair growth. If needed, pay special attention to thin and/or bald areas for improvement ... with long term use...significant healthy hair improvements like thickness/growth is typically known to be seen within 2-4 months... shine & strength/elasticity 1-2 months (take a before pic and some after pics every 3-4 weeks)... Adhere to informational pages on website... for best results!!



When using the MLM Moisturizing Hair Pudding as a daily moisturizer.

  1. (Hair may be wet or dry) Each evening before bed distribute the MLM moisturizing cream thoroughly from ends to roots (make sure it is evenly distributed, combed and brushed in just as you are instructed on Wash Day. (You may apply a bit in the morning but it should not be required ... because you are moisturizing before bedtime and styling it...besides, a good moisturizer should be applied once a day and keep hair moisturized throughout the day for some people... eventually when hair seems healthier and stronger the moisturizer may only need to be applied every 2 to 3 days)

How You'll Know It's Working:


In order to see if moisturizing cream is working, do a initial hair strand test before use. By the end of 1st week do another. If hair is strong and healthier you will see less breakage and shedding each week--which will promote growth because hair is in good standing.



How to do a strand test (elasticity test):


While combing hair, gather a couple of hair strands that are long that came directly from root (not a short broken strand). With those strands, one at a time, try to stretch the strand to see if it breaks easily. If strands break too easily hair is weak and needs more /better moisturizing and/or protein treatment (evaluate what you’ve done... use problem solving strategies to fix situation ... contact Mane Like Me Team if needed). If it takes a lot of stretching before it breaks or if it stretches and doesn't breaks ...your hair is healthier and stronger. Be sure to compare each will see a difference ... patient and consistent!


-The Moisturizing Pudding can enhance curl pattern when it's applied to wet/damp hair ... gives a soft hold... it's primary goal is to moisturize & soften hair and with continued use strengthen, reduce shedding & hair breakage (which is vital to length retention) and improve hair's natural shine...

(applying hair oil amplifies these benefits plus more but is not mandatory)

-If wearing hair straight or blown out to avoid heavy shrinkage (by pudding) only apply a very small amount of pudding  (followed by a bit of oil) daily or every other day (depending on your hair's need)... then style.


-Health of hair is essential always moisturize daily to every couple to few days (according to hair's need... do strand test if needed, or just feel should feel soft with a bit of residue from squeezing hair between fingers to check).. just don't go several days without moisturizing (yes we know...our moisturizer does keep hair moisturized for days however for healthy hair practices apply a bit more).. we don't want your hair to become thirsty ..weak and susceptible to breakage so play it safe --- for length retention hair needs to be strong and full of elasticity. (As mentioned before, if needed, those with low porosity be sure that after applying pudding to cover hair with a plastic cap/bag for about 30-45 mins if you feel product is not absorbing/penetrating as it should...Those with high porosity after applying pudding follow with oil).



How to Use Mane Like Me 10 in 1 Mane Revitalizer


Use Daily or As Needed (to refresh style & moisturize hair):
On damp or dry hair, spray a small amount evenly throughout hair (twists/locs, braids, cornrows, wash n go styles etc). Gently massage into hair by pressing on hair to assure all hair is covered with the multi-herbal moisturizing conditioner spray. The mist will penetrate hair shaft and deep condition hair making it softer and shinier. (No need to rinse.) For best results, a couple of times throughout week...after spraying the 10 in 1 Mane Revitalizer...apply some of our MLM Moisturizing Hair Pudding and/or MLM Hair & Scalp Oil (use a small amount of oil on scalp and down the hair).



In Between Washes...

This moisturizing conditioner spray can be used as the "L for Liquid" in your L.C.O/L.O.C (Liquid, Cream, Oil) METHOD (the LOC/LCO Method is a haircare routine ... . While hair is sectioned, mist evenly a small amount and DETANGLE hair with fingers, wide tooth comb and/or paddle brush. Then, for the "C" and "O" apply our "Revive & Retain Duo Haircare System" for best results!



-The 10 in 1 Mane Revitalizer Spray was created primarily to condition & re-wet/refresh braids, twists, locs, cornrows could possibly be used also on afro puffs, afros, some updos, wash and go hairstyles. Use spray just before applying the MLM Moisturizing Hair Pudding and Hair & Scalp Oil...and each day following or as needed spray to replenish moisture/refresh curls.

-The Revitalizer is gentle enough and should be used daily or as needed should feel conditioned & soft not oily ...

-Spray Revitalizer on damp or dry hair... When sprayed and massaged into very wet hair foam could appear but it will clear up minutes later without residue...

-While misting the Revitalizer, make sure you thoroughly spray all over leaving no dry spots ...

-Once again...Use the Revitalizer spray followed by the Revive & Retain Duo (Moisturizing Hair Pudding and Hair & Scalp Oil) for LAYERS of MOISTURE when needed ...possibly once or twice a week... This is the LCO/LOC is recommended for those with very dry and/or damaged hair. Those with low porosity hair should use sparingly (don't apply too much).

-Even though you are gently conditioning/re-wetting hair daily with the Revitalizer Spray... Do not neglect washing & deep conditioning hair regularly (once a week or bi-weekly)... and get protein treatments if needed (every 6-8 weeks)







How to Use Mane Like Me
Refreshing & Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner



Thoroughly wet hair (lukewarm water), dispense a small amount of shampoo to hands, massage it into scalp well for a few minutes (for a deep cleansing that will stimulate blood circulation--that encourages hair growth) and then gently down hair shaft. Then, rinse completely from roots to ends. Follow with our Refreshing & Moisturizing Conditioner and apply the rest of The Revive & Retain Haircare System ("Trio") for BEST results!



  • Don't wash more than once a week.

  • Wash hair while in sections.

  • Use fingertips to massage shampoo into scalp (not fingernails).

  • Massage for a few minutes or until you feel the "minty cool" sensation.


On damp hair, dispense a small amount of conditioner to hands, work product throughout hair mid-shaft to ends. Leave on for 3-5 minutes then rinse well (cool water).  Follow with applying the rest of The Revive & Retain Haircare System for BEST results! 



  • Great slip, while conditioning try detangling your hair.

  • Try this as a "quickie deep treatment" by leaving conditioner on damp, clean hair for about 15-30 minutes covered with a plastic cap/bag...wrap a warm, damp towel around head --heat opens the hair shaft for deep penetration. Then, rinse hair well.

  • Use as a cleansing conditioner (co-wash) in between weekly or bi-weekly washes. 

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