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How To Use The Revive & Retain

"Ultimate" Haircare System

Suggested order of how to use the products:

(Depending on length/thickness work with hair in sections for better care and length retention)


Thoroughly rinse each section with warm water prior to shampooing. (And if you like to pre-poo do so with the hair & scalp oil then proceed to shampoo.)


1. Shampoo: Apply our “Refreshing & Moisturizing” shampoo directly to scalp ...massage scalp with fingertips or shampoo brush—do a section at a time. (While using shampoo brush use small circular motions)... (on shop page, click shampoo brush, read description box for details)... spend a couple of minutes on the each section for a great clean/ improve blood flow for growth.

After shampooing each section RINSE well with lukewarm or cool water...


2. Condition: Work in our Refreshing & Moisturizing conditioner throughout hair of each section (gently detangle hair in each section during this time if you like) then cover hair with a plastic bag (tie it without allowing air to pass through... this will help body heat to steam up product on hair and allow it to penetrate deeply [much needed for low porosity hair) for about 15-20 mins ... cover the plastic bag that’s on head with a steamy hot towel (towel should be wrangled out) and secure a plastic bag over the towel too will help keep steamy towel warm longer. (TRY OUR INTENSIVE Conditioning Treatment for extreme softer, bouncy, stronger hair


Rinse sections well with cool water. Then proceed with applying the last 3 products that you don’t have to rinse out—which we refer to as our trio:


3. 10 in 1 Mane Revitalizer Spray (this adds extra nourishment and softness for further detangling if needed...)


4. Hair & scalp oil (massage sparingly into scalp and down damp hair)


5. Moisturize & Seal with Moisturizing Hair Pudding (you can cover hair with a plastic bag for better penetration of pudding but it shouldn’t be needed)  


Quecina’s Quick Tip: Sometimes I mix 4& 5 together in palm of hands then distribute throughout hair ... works amazing and cuts down on time!


Style hair as needed during steps 3-5 (like if you are doing twists/braids/cornrows or roller/rod sets) or afterwards (if you are creating a bun or ponytail etc)... it all depends on your style. 



Repeat steps 3-5 during the week to replenish moisture... (you might do 3-5, 3&4, 4&5, 3&5... do which combination works best for you every 2 or 3 days ... use Quecina’s “Look & Feel” Method ... (even though our products may go beyond 3 days of moisture please moisturize by day 3 or 4 ... it’s not healthy to allow your hair to become dehydrated)



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