How To Use The Revive & Retain

"Ultimate" Haircare System

Please use the products in this order:

(With length/thickness hair should always worked with in sections for better care and length retention)


Thoroughly rinse each section with warm water prior to shampooing. (And if you like to pre-poo do so with the hair & scalp oil then proceed to shampoo.)


1. Shampoo: Apply our “Refreshing & Moisturizing” shampoo directly to scalp ...massage scalp with fingertips or shampoo brush—do a section at a time. (While using shampoo brush use small circular motions)... (on shop page, click shampoo brush, read description box for details)... spend a couple of minutes on the each section for a great clean/ improve blood flow for growth.

After shampooing each section RINSE well with lukewarm or cool water...


2. Condition: Work in our Refreshing & Moisturizing conditioner throughout hair of each section (gently detangle hair in each section during this time if you like) then cover hair with a plastic bag (tie it without allowing air to pass through... this will help body heat to steam up product on hair and allow it to penetrate deeply [much needed for low porosity hair) for about 30 mins ... cover the plastic bag that’s on head with a steamy hot towel (towel should be wrangled out) and secure a plastic bag over the towel too will help keep steamy towel warm longer. 


Rinse sections well with cool water. Then proceed with applying the last 3 products that you don’t have to rinse out—which we refer to as our trio:


3. 10 in 1 Mane Revitalizer Spray (this adds extra nourishment and softness for further detangling if needed...)


4. Hair & scalp oil (massage sparingly into scalp and down damp hair)


5. Moisturize & Seal with Moisturizing Hair Pudding (you can cover hair with a plastic bag for better penetration of pudding but it shouldn’t be needed)  


Quecina’s Quick Tip: Sometimes I mix 4& 5 together in palm of hands then distribute throughout hair ... works amazing and cuts down on time!


Style hair as needed during steps 3-5 (like if you are doing twists/braids/cornrows or roller/rod sets) or afterwards (if you are creating a bun or ponytail etc)... it all depends on your style. 



Repeat steps 3-5 during the week to replenish moisture... (you might do 3-5, 3&4, 4&5, 3&5... do which combination works best for you every 2 or 3 days ... use Quecina’s “Look & Feel” Method ... (even though our products may go beyond 3 days of moisture please moisturize by day 3 or 4 ... it’s not healthy to allow your hair to become dehydrated)



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