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Should I Trim My Hair?

Trimming your hair may seem counterproductive if you are looking to build length. However, there are some reasons why trimming your hair can positively impact your hairs health and growth. The main benefits of trimming your hair are preventing split ends, having less breakage, length retention, and easier styling.

Hair trimming can be intimidating, especially if you have not done it before. In this article, you will learn some helpful tips on how to trim your natural hair.

Have the Right Tools

The first step to an effective hair trim is having the right equipment. You must have high quality hair shears and a wide tooth comb. Hair shears are sharper and gives you a more precise cut as opposed to not sharp enough paper scissors, which can result to uneven ends more prone to damage.

Make Sure Your Hair is Dry

While trimming your hair when wet may seem like a normal approach, cutting it when it is wet or damp may lead to frayed ends. This can also lead to damage or more breakage.

Choose the Right Method

The way you trim your hair is essential as it helps in getting rid of just the right number of inches. Some of the trusted effective methods of trimming your hair include:

Search and Destroy: Simply leave your hair down, look through for split ends and snip off when you find them. This method can be time consuming and it leaves your hair at different lengths since you are not cutting every hair.

Curl By Curl: Let hair fall in its natural curl, then trim off the thin ends. This approach is ideal for looser curls type 3A-3C.

Blowout: Stretching your hair before a trim provides allows you to get a clean and even cut. This method requires you to divide your hair into sections, detangle and them trim the hair where you spot thinning ends.

Two-Strand Twists: Trimming your hair in small twists helps you focus on each strand especially if you have shorter hair.

How Often Should You Trim Your Hair?

Experts recommend trimming your hair every 3 months. However, if you notice split ends, dull ends, thin hair, or ends that easily break, you probably need a trim. If you are not sure, consult a professional natural hair stylist.

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