Hold Up...What is Going on With My Hair Growth?!

Before we get into the blog's topic... The Revive & Retain Duo Haircare System is marked down $20.50 for a limited time only. Take advantage of this offer as soon as possible (www.manelikeme.com/shop). For on-going years, hair growth has been an uphill battle for many women... in particularly, black women --trying to understand and manage our different natural curly textures. One minute we notice our hair is growing... the next minute it seem to have stopped or in some cases gotten shorter. Let's take a moment to understand the science of hair growth. According to research, on average... hair grows 1/4 inch month to month. For some people the growth can go up to 6 years before it falls off p

To Trim or Not to Trim

I know... it sounds crazy... how am I suppose to see hair growth if I'm always cutting it. Benefits of trimming: -To avoid/rid split and shabby ends-- which reduces hair breakage In turn... -The ends of hair looks fuller and healthier Then, that results to... -Better length retention--which means you are able to see hair growth because of less breakage. So stop saying "my hair won't grow" because hair continues to grow unless permanent damage or a health issue is present ... hair growth is a process--which is a whole 'notha conversation for later! Here's the thing.. when it comes to trimming one rule doesn't apply to all. Some people may need to trim more frequently than others. When Do I Ne

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