Just Married...Cheers

Well, well...The 10 in 1 Mane Revitalizer Spray and Hair & Scalp Oil are now ONE in our eStore. Together, they are known as The Revive & Retain "Pair" for Protective Styles. (No worries, each still is available individually as well.) This match-made-in-heaven will keep your scalp and hair more than satisfied while it is in braided and twisted protective styles-- even for cornrows/plaits underneath extensions and wigs. This multi-herbal moisturizing conditioner spray and drops of light-weight oil easily penetrates through hair while styled unlike a cream or lotion. This allows hair to be thoroughly moisturized and conditioned during the week, day to day or as needed without undoing hairstyle.

The Evolution of Mane Like Me...

As a young girl being referred to a "chicken-head" by peers rattled her self-esteem. Quecina only wished to have healthy growing hair but like many other black girls in her community that dream just didn't become true until several years later as an adult once she discovered what it took to sustain thick, long beautiful hair. ​ With the right selection, mixture of ingredients and methods her hair grow rather quickly -- reaching waist length hair within just 3 years in her natural hair journey and by year 5 tailbone length. This was quite surprising to her! Many that knew of her hair history were just as shocked as the everyday strangers to see such results. All wanted to know her secret to

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