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Faster Hair Growth Using Indian Oiling Method


Mane Like Me Hair & Scalp Oil

There are several Indian Hair Oiling Methods that are known to grow healthier hair. Here, I will share the 2 that are most promising. Typically, individual oils are used yet our Mane Like Me Hair & Scalp Oil contains those oils and more along with aloe vera and amla—ingredients used heavily in the Indian community.

I’ve experimented with a few of Indian Hair Growth Recipes in the past ... this is a reason why I added particular oils, extracts to my oil to make it as effective as possible when applied to scalp and hair. In Indian Hair Oiling methods oil is used on hair and scalp for nourishment...practices focuses on strengthening hair, reducing hair loss, and encouraging faster hair growth.

Indian Oiling Method #1 -Divide your hair into manageable sections and apply a “small” amount of Mane Like Me Hair & Scalp oil to your scalp.

-Massage for 5 or more minutes, then distribute “a bit” of MLM oil about the hair (down the strands).

-Rinse with warm water and follow with a conditioner (or you can just use some of your MLM Hair Pudding).

-Lock the moisture just applied to hair with a “small” amount of MLM oil.

Style hair without using heat preferably in a simple style.

The next day: On the ends only, apply a little MLM oil down the hair ... NOT the scalp area. Note: Try not to over pour...if hair feels very greasy reduce the amount you use next time. According to hair experts and from my experience this oiling method is beneficial because the MLM oil penetrates into the hair throughout the day, protecting it from the elements.

It adds moisture to hair making it more resilient and minimizes breakage. After being consistent with this technique in time you will start to see softer, shinier, and stronger looking hair.

Indian Oiling Method #2 -While bending over with your head below your heart for 10 minutes, massage Mane Like Me Hair oil into your scalp with your fingertips (Don’t go pass 10 mins...and this is not recommended for those with health issues or those that become dizzy too easily).

Relax while enjoying the soothing massage. Once finished, distribute the rest of oil thoroughly all over hair.

-Next, wrap the hair in a shower cap and a soft bonnet. Allow MLM oil to soak up for about one hour, or overnight even better. The heat from your scalp will help the oil penetrate the hair.

-Rinse with warm water or an apple cider vinegar rinse (ACV mixed in water) .

-Add leave-in conditioner or MLM Hair Pudding if you want additional slip. This oiling method can be done during the day, but to enjoy its soothing benefits doing it at bedtime is best.

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