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Pinkstarnute's Hair Care Tips

-First, healthy hair care starts from within... Therefore, eat healthy food choices as much as possible (essential vitamins contributes to healthy growing hair... vitamin deficiencies and health issues hinders thick healthy growing hair)... see Feed Your Hair


-Take a multivitamin everyday to support daily nutrition needed:

“...multivitamin supplements can serve as a safeguard, and for your average person a multivitamin can provide essential nutrients that may not be present in their diet...” source:


- Drinking between 64 oz to 1 gallon water daily is a general rule of thumb (the accurate amount of water that you need to drink daily depends on your weight, check with your physician)...



-Never skip on shampooing (try a sulfate-free shampoo like our Refreshing & Moisturizing Shampoo that won't strip hair of its natural oils...cleans scalp and softens hair; or use a specified cleansing conditioner--yes, our Refreshing & Moisturizing Conditioner have the properties of a co-wash and can be used)


-Deep condition hair at least twice a month... for better penetration cover hair with plastic bag/cap for at least 30-45 mins...adding a hot towel wrapped about head once covered or sitting under a hood dryer on low heat intensifies the penetration. Our Intensive Conditioning Treatment makes hair super soft, bouncy, shiny, strong... a total hair spa! (This is very beneficial for many... especially for those with low porous hair (not sure of your hair porosity visit this webpage for great information they should sometimes use steamer/or allow steam from shower once or twice during the week to open hair cuticles for better penetration before applying moisturizer... —which improves moisture retention, curl elongation, elasticity and definition.


-Whenever you detangle, make sure your hair has slip from a good conditioner/or moisturizer preferably use Mane Like Me's Refreshing & Moisturizing Conditioner, 10 in 1 Mane Revitalizer Spray or even the Moisturizing Hair Pudding (and yes, you could add a little hair oil for those that desire doing that)...


-Never force fingers, combs, brushes through hair... always be gentle with hair care... (designate time and have energy)


-REMEMBER...Always work with hair in sections (anywhere between 4-6 sections... loose curls lesser sections/ thick or kinky coils more sections) while washing/conditioning/moisturizing/detangling/styling it etc... This helps you to manage your hair better. Makes hair care less stressful especially if your hair is kinkier or if you struggle and are new to managing your natural hair texture.


-At least 3 times per week, dampen hair with water and then moisturize hair thoroughly (ends to roots) using our Mane Like Me Moisturizing Pudding to soften and strengthen hair & massage scalp for 5 minutes to revive hair follicles to support natural growth. For lasting moisture, try LOC/LCO method--use our Revive & Retain Trio Haircare System (Go to Shop page, see the Revive & Retain Trio Haircare System description box for details).


-Trim regularly ... how often to trim typically depends on the condition of your ends....your hair care regimen used and how you style your hair are factors... for instance, those that use heat and/or manipulate hair regularly might need to trim more frequently (perhaps roughly every 2 months)... those that use little to no heat, have good moisture/protein balance, protect ends often, and practice other healthy haircare methods will more than likely need to trim less (4-6 months)


-Wear low manipulation styles and/or protective styles when you can ... loose buns and updos, jumbo or med size twists/braids that are not tight, etc.


-Minimize use of heat ...use methods like banding, threading, braiding, cool air blow drying, etc for stretching instead...


-According to research, topical protein treatments every 6-8 weeks may be essential for protecting and strengthening from the outside yet a diet rich in protein or a protein supplement is the way to nourish hair strands with protein from within...


-Remember... Always love and care for your hair and BE PATIENT and CONSISTENT with healthy hair care practices ... Stop watching for length/fullness daily or weekly ... Be realistic, measure/track healthy hair gains every 2 to 3 months.

Hair Care Products