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Neglect Doing This and Your Hair Just Might Suffer…

Are You in Healthy Hair Compliance?

One of the best practices of taking care of your natural hair begins with having an effective hair care regimen. This should include cleansing your scalp regularly, conditioning, and deep conditioning your hair every two weeks to give your hair a great moisture protein balance. While there is no set formula for maintaining clean and moisturized hair, finding products, washing and moisturizing routines, and frequency that works best for your natural hair is important. Here are some of the benefits of maintaining clean and moisturized natural hair.

1. Promotes Hair Growth

Due to dirt, product build-up, and oils, your scalp gets itchy occasionally. Cleansing your scalp regularly with a good shampoo is essential in keeping your scalp healthy and clean. Tiny pores in the scalp allow for new hair to grow. If these pores are blocked, growing new hair becomes difficult. A dirty scalp can cause dandruff, fungal infections, and unhealthy hair. Optimally, a clean and stimulated scalp promotes rapid hair growth. (Refreshing & Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner)

2. Prevents Hair Damage

The key to maintaining hair health is moisturizing. Moisture plays an important role in minimizing hair damage during handling. The root of most hair issues such as breakage, split ends, and color fade is lack of moisture. Handling your natural hair is not restricted to just combing and washing, it is also vital when styling your hair both free and protective hairstyle. Moisturizing your hair makes it more flexible to manipulation without causing breakage. (Daily Moisturizing Spray and Moisturizing Hair Pudding)

3. Helps in Length Retention

Moisturized hair is less prone to tangles, less prone to breakage, and more elastic. This means that moisture plays an important role in retaining your hair length. As your hair grows, moisture also allows your hair to grow in length. (INTENSIVE Conditioning Treatment)

Bottom Line: Keeping your natural hair clean and moisturized is essential. It ensures that your hair is healthy, longer, and restores natural shine.

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