"I spent my entire childhood with short, thin hair that suffered from breakage. Some referred to me as a chicken-head. But not anymore."
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Mane Like Me

Hair Products

-Soothe & Revive Scalp 
-Improve Hair's Strength &
Elasticity to Reduce Hair Breakage--which Sustains Length Retention
-Restore Softness and Shine 

High Quality & Natural Ingredients 

Enriched with:

Transforming manes to a healthier state one head after the next with a promising formula of  high quality ingredients...blends of natural & essential oils, fruits, herbs & plant extracts like avocado oil, carrot oil, castor oil, shea butter, rosemary, tea tree, aloe vera, nettle, sage just to name a few known to make hair grow resiliently stronger, softer, and shinier amongst other considerable benefits... united with notable hair care techniques to help your hair thrive...



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