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Hold Up...What is Going on With My Hair Growth?!

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Frustrated Natural

For on-going years, hair growth has been an uphill battle for many women... in particularly, black women --trying to understand and manage our different natural curly textures. One minute we notice our hair is growing... the next minute it seem to have stopped or in some cases gotten shorter. Let's take a moment to understand the science of hair growth.

According to research, on average... hair grows 1/4 inch month to month. For some people the growth can go up to 6 years before it falls off preparing a way for new hair. The natural hair cycle can stop at 2 years verses 6 for some people unfortunately (as a result they have shorter length [I believe length retention would be vital in this case because if your cycle stops at 2 years and if you suffer breakage within that 2 years could make hair even shorter... pretty much you don't have room for hiccups]).

Natural Hair Growth Cycle

In the hair growth cycle, hair loss is expected (we can lose anywhere between 50-150 hair strands daily). But, if a new hair doesn't sprout up after the old hair ... hair starts thinning...premature shedding makes hair unable to reach its full length.

There are three stages of hair growth cycle:




This picture from thoroughly illustrates and explains each stage of the Hair Growth Cycle in a nutshell...

Hair Growth Cycle

In addition, this Viviscal video below on YouTube at is amazing ... it helped me understand the hair growth process even more...

At this point, you should be well informed on the Hair Growth Process. Stay Tuned until next blog: Five Reasons Why You Can't Keep Your Hair Length ...Like Post and/or Share! Thank you.

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