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Five Reasons Why You Can Not Keep Length...

18 years relaxed hair vs 6 years natural hair

Creator/Owner of Mane Like Me Hair Products)


According to experts... the hair's structure consists of 3 layers: the medula (core), cortex (area that surrounds the medula), and cuticle (outer layer). Once the hair cuticle is weakened due to improper/harsh styling it splits... the middle layer (cortex) of the hair becomes exposed... with continued abuse from chemical treatments like bleaching, perms, to permanent hair coloring and repeated heat styling dries out the hair and it breaks. 


Lack of moisturizing hair on a regular basis causes dryness of hair--which means the production of sebum is low... sebum helps protect the scalp and keeps hair in good standing. In addition, beware of frequently washing hair and applying excessive heat to hair ... they too can contribute to hair dryness.


Research specifies normal hair shedding is anywhere between 50-150 strands daily. Anything beyond that amount could be a problem. Common culprits vary from stress, hormones to specific medications causing abnormal hair fall. When there's too much shedding hair starts to become thin. Thinning can be prompted by moisture/protein deficiencies, iron deficiency, thyroid disorder, and/or estrogen level being very low. Paying attention to the amount of shedding is beneficial so that hair loss problems can be fixed while in early stages.  

Hair Products

Certain harsh ingredients in hair products can cause more harm than good to hair. For example, products that are alcohol-based or that contains a great amount of sulfates dries out the hair --stripping hair of its natural oils. 

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These are just five reasons why many women struggle with keeping length. And yes, I have experienced them all. I spent 18 years of consistently battling breakage on and off because of these factors in my previous hair journey... and now less than 8 years committed to a healthier hair journey the results have been simply amazing. So don't give up on doing the necessary things needed to achieve healthier growing hair! Stay Tuned until next blog: How To Retain Your Hair Length...

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