This is an add-on item... this works very well with our shampoo and we encourage you to add this to your healthy haircare routine! This 3 1/2" shampoo brush made with 38 flexible soft silicone bristles is designed to increase blood flow and oxygen to your scalp as it stimulates the hair follicles to promote hair growth while it gently relieves dry itchy scalp, deep cleans and detangles your hair.


Here’s What to Do:

After applying shampoo to your hair use the shampoo brush to “gently” massage your scalp clean for 2-3 minutes in “small” circular motion to prevent tangling on medium-long hair lengths (it is best to do a small section of hair at a time). Make sure to cover all areas of your scalp. Then thoroughly rinse out shampoo from hair & scalp.


ALSO...Yes, this brush and same process (“small” circular motion in a section of hair at a time) can be used with our Mane Like Me Hair & Scalp Oil to give yourself a thorough scalp massage for relaxation and/or to boost healthy hair growth. 


According to hair & scalp experts, and from our personal experience sums up the benefits of shampoo brush massager best... take a look:


1. Deep wash: A shampoo brush massager allows you better and deeper wash of your scalp, as it allows you to reach deeper in your hair, than using your fingers. It cleans thoroughly your scalp and it’s less likely you’ll miss a spot on your scalp while washing your hair.


2. Scalp exfoliator: Shampoo brush massagers are excellent for scalp exfoliator as it cleanses the scalp more efficiently by removing dirt, dandruff, and dead skin. Scalp exfoliator will make you feel more refreshed and it creates a healthier environment for healthy hair growth.


3. Stimulates hair growth: When you massage your scalp with a shampoo brush massager, you stimulate blood circulation in your scalp. This helps to move oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles, which strengthen your hair roots and stimulates your hair follicles to grow.


4. Better shampoo distribution: With a shampoo brush massager, you can easily reach all areas of your scalp and distribute the shampoo more evenly to your hair.


5. Easier hair wash: Washing your hair and scalp properly can require a lot of effort, especially if you have thick or long hair that makes it even harder to reach every surface of your scalp. With a shampoo brush, you can cover a larger area of your scalp, than with your fingers, which makes the hair wash routine a lot easier and quicker.


6. Relaxation and stress relief: Scalp massage is known for releasing tension by stimulating the nerves in the scalp. Studies have also found that scalp massage has a positive impact on hormones that have a positive impact on our mood and it decreases the levels of the stress hormone. Few minutes of scalp massage will help you feel more relaxed and it can even relieve tension headaches.


7. Protects your manicure: Washing your hair and massaging your scalp with your fingers, you can damage your fingernails and your fingernails polish. Shampoo brush massagers make it easier for you to wash your hair without damaging your fingernails, especially if you don’t have strong fingernails.

Soft Silicone Shampoo Brush (an add-on item)