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Well, well...The 10 in 1 Mane Revitalizer Spray and Hair & Scalp Oil are now ONE in our eStore. Together, they are known as The Revive & Retain "Pair" for Protective Styles. (No worries, each still is available individually as well.) This match-made-in-heaven will keep your scalp and hair more than satisfied while it is in braided and twisted protective styles-- even for cornrows/plaits underneath extensions and wigs.

This multi-herbal moisturizing conditioner spray and drops of light-weight oil easily penetrates through hair while styled unlike a cream or lotion. This allows hair to be thoroughly moisturized and conditioned during the week, day to day or as needed without undoing hairstyle.

We recommend that you use the 10 in 1 Mane Revitalizer Spray once or twice daily (morning, night) from roots to ends and apply the Hair & Scalp Oil only a few times a week to scalp (use oil sparingly to avoid oiliness). Be sure to spray scalp and hair well without leaving dry areas. Dry areas can bring about dandruff and itchiness to scalp and cause hair to become weak —which in turn could make hair susceptible to breakage. Use regularly and as instructed for BEST results!

Use Promo Code: mlmpair to get the Revive & Retain "Pair" for Protective Styles for ONLY $19.99

Visit www.ManeLikeMe.com/shop

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