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We have talked about this a few months ago... and now it’s real! Yes...Thanks to you all loyal and new customers for your support... we have a “new” hair product added to the Mane Like Me “Revive & Retain” Haircare Collection that we are building. As many of you know ...about 7 months ago we launched this small haircare business with our Duo Haircare System (the Moisturizing Hair Pudding and Hair & Scalp Oil) and The Duo has been a blessing to so many heads of hair we can’t keep count! This is a success in itself... thank you for expressing your love for The Duo... sharing your pictures/videos/testimonials ... all of this propels this business and we have been very, very busy! Yet are so thrilled and thankful for this growth! It’s just one step closer to meeting our goals as we continue to “Grow & Keep” your hair healthy! Anyway...The “new” hair product is called “10 in 1 Mane Revitalizer”, it’s a Multi-Herbal Moisturizing Hair Spray to daily condition & refresh hair for those that wear braids, twists/Locs, cornrows, wash and go/afro hairstyles and more... it’s to be used as the “L” for liquid in your LCO/LOC (liquid, cream, oil) method for “maximum moisture” in your haircare regimen! It’s easy to use... see details on our How to Use Products Page at Mane Like Me website.

This week, 10 in 1 Mane Revitalizer will be available on Friday, September 14th!

Quecina Burts Nute

Founder/Owner of Mane Like Me

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