One Month Down and Countless Years to GO...CHEERS!

February 25, 2018

DRUM ROLL PLEASE...(Did you make the drum roll sound?... LOL ...thank you kindly)... Mane Like Me has propelled, almost effortlessly through 30 days because of your strong currents! We are humbly thankful. CHEERS!  

The Revive & Retain Duo Hair Care System has kicked off the brand in a major way. Yet, it does not stop there. We plan on giving this resilient Duo a few family members... that's right.. building a 2018 collection. I don't want to share what's next up just yet until I know for sure! But it's something you could definitely use day to day... and can be used easily with protective styles ... Oops, let me hush ... before I reveal too much. Anyhow...


Surprise, Surprise... starting the month of March..those who continuously advocate publicly on Facebook and/or Instagram for Mane Like Me please tag me, post our website and hashtag #ManeLikeMe ... we believe in rewarding those that endlessly support us in a tremendous way... special coupons for discounts on products will be emailed to you. Or, if that's not your thing... you could always have the customer that you send inbox us stating you referred her/him to MLM. If your name is repeatedly mentioned you will be blessed with coupons as well.  


If you have not done so, please visit the "How to Use Duo" Page for directions/ information. Take pictures throughout your journey...we'd love to see awesome results and comparison photos... please tag us, hashtag and/or email us directly. We would like to build some sort of MLM gallery (seeing each other results gives inspiration to our MLM community)  as well as use in advertisements to grow our community. If you have used MLM products correctly and consistently and somehow things are still not working well for you please contact us so that we can assist you at our earliest convenience (Email us at Thank you!  


Stay tuned for the next blog: Three Ways to TRIM Your Ends!





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