What are Flexible Curling Rods?


Flexi Rods are soft and bendable, tubular shaped rollers that you wrap your hair around and then bend on each end to secure it in place. (SWIPE PHOTO above to the LEFT to see demonstration pic) These rollers give bouncy, gorgeous waves and curls!!


What size should I get for my hair?


Flexi Rods SMALLER in diameter are ideal for those with kinkier textures and/or hair shorter in length. This size is also recommended for those interested in achieving a tighter curl. (Don’t put too much hair on one rod if you seek more definition) Hair MEDIUM in length and/or for those who desire looser, regular sized curls should try Med-sized Flexi Rods.




First...Start on freshly washed hair that is conditioned well just as you do with many hairstyles. Second, create sections with a comb and roll hair in back first and then work your way up to the front. Just before wrapping the sectioned hair around rod spray it with a mist of Mane Like Me’s 10 in 1 Mane Revitalizer Spray and add a small amount of the Moisturizing Hair Pudding from ends to roots... detangle and smooth out hair well to rid tangles and knots. Do this prior to rolling each section of hair.

Then, take your roller, and place it at the ends of the hair while holding the hair without slack to stretch the roots before rolling the rod up to the roots and secure it by bending each end. Be sure not to pull too tight because it can damage the hair (and cause a headache).

Next, drying time... air drying is an option, but if hair is long and/or thick hair the drying could take at least 24 hours. Sitting under a hooded dryer works best. Always make sure hair is completely dry from root to tip before take down.

Finally, remove rollers and separate your curls. Add a little bit of hair & scalp oil to the tips of your fingers (which helps reduce frizz), and separate each curl as you like. (For more curl definition less separation is best).


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10 pc Soft Foam Flexi Curling Rods


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