•waterproof —designed to hang in your shower (readily available for your convenience)


•durable molded plastic—it is flexible so it can bend somewhat and should not break...glides through hair to detangle every curl type, from loose to kinky.


•anti-static—will not encourage frizz


The wide set placement of the comb’s teeth allow for easy detangling (use prior to brushing)— ensures that your hair won’t get caught in finer bristles...So that will you not damage your hair. Use this comb to evenly distribute your conditioner in the shower, or right after you wash your hair to detangle (detangle “damp” hair while in sections) and simultaneously gently stimulate your roots.


Tip: As you comb, work your way up from ends to roots while holding your hair so you’re not applying too much force. Be gentle. Comb through one section at a time (those with thicker hair should work in smaller sections). Once you’ve combed you should be able to just glide the comb through. Rinse the conditioner out.


If you want a detangling tool with maximum flexibility, reduces lots of unnecessary hair shedding and cuts down detangling time then try our Flex Detangler Brush instead or add it to cart too.


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Durable Wide-Tooth Comb (add-on item)

  • Color: Random color

    Comb Length: 23cm/9.06"

    Comb Tooth: 4.3 x 0.6 cm/ 1.69 x 0.23 inch

    Comb Handle: 10.5 cm/4.06"

    Material: Anti-Static Plastic