Cooler Weather...Shield Your Hair & Scalp

Increase the Moisture and use these resourceful tips to ward off itchiness and dryness that this weather brings. Quick Announcement📢📢 🍁FALL DEAL🍁: Revive & Retain Duo Haircare System for ONLY $19.99 w/code: Fall2019 Mane Like Me Tips... 1. Use A Milder Shampoo. If you're not already using sulfate-free shampoo, then you may want to make the switch during the colder months. Consider using our Refreshing & Moisturizing Shampoo —which will clean your hair well without stripping it of its natural oils...those oils you need for your hair to combat dryness/breakage... 2. Wash Your Hair Less Often. For instance, if you typically wash your hair weekly (with shampoo & conditioner) try bi-weekly.

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